Photography by: Mark Susko Visual Design.

    Mason Dunlap and Kimberly Stephens have co-owned Blossom Shoes & Such in Greenville for about six months, but they’ve been friends for much longer.

    Stephens opened the original Blossom in Greenwood nine years ago, and Dunlap has been shopping there since high school. “She would always come in and pick out the best ‘right-on-trend’, fashionable stuff,” Stephens says of Dunlap.

    Dunlap moved to Greenville and felt like there weren’t enough places to shop for shoes, handbags and jewelry. So she called Stephens to see if she could open a Blossom here. “I was like, ‘why not? Let’s do it!’,” Stephens remembers.

    Blossom Greenville opened in October 2017 at Main + Stone. “We love our community,” Dunlap says. “We came into a new development in a new part of town that we’re working to build with our neighbors. We’re excited to grow with the city.”

    “We want our customers to share our enthusiasm,” Stephens says. “We try to buy things that get people excited to shop. We know what our customers love, and we know where to point them when they walk in the door.”

    Dunlap adds, “We’re not just here to sell shoes, we’re here to provide customer service and styling advice. When people walk in, they want to stay. They want to chat and talk about trends. The store has a ‘living room’ feel, and they love the ambiance. We want to provide a fun, comfortable place to shop and and help them find what works.”

    Boutique shopping doesn’t have to be intimidating. It’s actually more approachable – and affordable – than you might think. “If you’re in the market for an investment item like a handbag or a pair of designer shoes, we have that. But if you need an inexpensive piece of jewelry or a gift, we have that too,” Stephens explains. “When you need a pick-me-up, a little retail therapy makes everyone feel better!”

    And when you shop at Blossom, you’re supporting a local business, which is something Dunlap appreciates much more now that she is a small business owner herself. “There’s an actual person at the other end of that sale that’s able to do things for their family that they might not be able to do if you didn’t shop there. When you order from Amazon, it’s nameless and faceless. But when you buy from someone you know, it’s helping them out and it means so much more. Part of what makes Greenville so great is the number of independently owned specialty stores.”

    Photography by: Mark Susko Visual Design

    644 North Main St., Suite 2A, Greenville | 864.412.8939


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