Photography by: Bonfire Visuals.

Dr. Natasja Bevans believes going to the dentist doesn’t have to feel like… well, going to the dentist. Her new practice, Bijou Dental Spa, seeks to relieve dental anxiety by combining it with a full service day spa, featuring massage therapy and a full range of medical spa services like Botox.

“We’re merging the concept of spa relaxation with the practice of dentistry, by offering patients options for relaxation either before or after their treatments,” Bevans says. “If you’re taking off work to visit the dentist, why not do something for yourself along with something you have to do anyway?”

A native of Miami, with roots in Belize, Dr. Bevans has incorporated her Caribbean heritage into the design of her West End practice – an aesthetic she describes as “tropical luxe” – with a goal of creating a full sensory experience that feels less like a dental office and more like a resort spa. Patients are greeted with their choice of tea or infused water, pampered with a warmed rolled neck towel, and invited to choose from a selection of handcrafted essential oils, as well as the music to accompany their treatment.

In high school, Bevans thought she’d grow up to be an orchestra teacher. She attended Florida State University as a music major, but found herself attracted to the life changing possibilities of dentistry.

“What I love about dentistry is the ability to effect change in people’s lives relatively quickly,” she says. “The mouth is central to what it means to be human – we use it to eat, to speak, to smile. Solving dental problems and getting people to a state of good oral health can drastically improve their overall quality of life.”

Dr. Bevans earned her Doctorate from the University of Florida and received the prestigious Ethics Award. She then followed her fiancé, Bradley Bulifant, to Greenville to open her practice.

“I decided to move here sight unseen and the first time I walked downtown I thought, ‘this is incredible, let’s stay forever!’ ” she says, adding that she chose to build her practice amid the boutiques of the West End to reach people who may enjoy spa services along with their dental visit.

Bijou Dental Spa is currently under construction with a planned opening in May of 2018.

Photography by: Bonfire Visuals

109 Augusta St., Greenville | 864.214.4242