Photography by: Mark Susko Visual Design.

    ADAM PETERSON, STATE FARM INSURANCE opened for business in September of 2017, and he welcomed his Upstate customers by providing reliable, small-town values that people can trust.

    Adam grew up in Hartsville, SC, and graduated from Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC. When asked how he got into the insurance business, he happily gives his parents the credit for teaching him the importance of building strong agent/customer relationships. His parents are both small-town agents for a large insurance company in Hartsville, and his family and friends were thrilled when he joined with State Farm and established himself in the Greenville area. He is located off of Pleasantburg Drive, right across from Greenville Technical College.

    In his spare time, Adam likes to golf and spend time with friends and family, but as a first-year business owner, he is dedicating most of his time to his current and future customers.

    Adam Peterson and his staff recognize that a lot has changed over the past ten years in the insurance industry, with competition peaking and new companies sprouting up, so it is crucial that he and his team emphasize the importance of having a local agent available and a strong team there as a constant resource, and in direct contact with their customers.

    Adam’s favorite aspect of Greenville is the people. He says, “There is always an opportunity to make new connections. I absolutely love calling Greenville home and I plan on being here for the next 30-40 years.” Adam’s focus is community and reliability. “Even though the Upstate is growing, I still want to maintain that smalltown business atmosphere, and I’m not afraid to give out my cell phone number to any of my customers,” he says. Adam Peterson and his staff at State Farm put their customers first, making sure their needs are met, and their trust is insured.

    Photography by: Mark Susko Visual Design

    Adam Peterson, Agent
    517 South Pleasantburg Dr., Ste. C, Greenville | 864.605.7733


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