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    Michanna Tate had divine inspiration for her law firm. Luke 11:52 in part says “Woe unto you, lawyers! For ye have taken away the key of knowledge…”. As a lawyer, she wanted to do the opposite of that – she wanted to give more people access to that knowledge.

    “I give people knowledge about their case. Even if it’s an area of law I don’t focus on as much, I’ll direct them to where they should look or to another attorney who may be able to help.”

    Tate had been operating for four years as Michanna Talley, Attorney at Law, but decided she wanted to update her firm’s name to support her goals for the firm’s future.

    Though she’s well under 40, Tate is already on her third career. She earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in biology and environmental science at Howard University before working as a molecular biologist for a biological weapons contractor in the Washington D.C area.

    When she began considering getting a doctorate, she moved back to Greenville – her hometown – and ended up teaching at Greenville Tech while also earning graduate certification in epidemiology and biostatistics at Drexel University.

    While she loves science and public health, she recognized a desire to work for herself and earned a law degree from Stetson University College of Law in 2011. After opening her firm, she continued to teach biology and science at USC Upstate and University of Phoenix, practicing law by day and teaching at night, but is now focusing on her law practice, hoping to expand her staff as she hones her focus.

    Growth has been steady because “I’m just myself,” she said. “I relate to people.” Her science background has been immensely helpful in medical malpractice cases, and now she’s finding a niche in that area. She also frequently handles personal injury cases and real estate transactions.

    Her plans include offering opportunities to new lawyers who just completed law school, giving them the opportunity to gain experience.

    When she isn’t working, Tate and her husband Tony love to try out all of the restaurants around Greenville. “I’m tiny, but I love to eat,” she said. She also serves on the board of two churches, and, always on a quest for knowledge, has even found time to teach herself photography and web design. “I build websites for me and for my family,” she said. “But that’s more like resting than doing work.”

    Photograph Provided

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