Photography by: Jack Robert Photography.

    After a decade in business, Anna Locke can look back with fondness at the early years, gratitude for steady growth and excitement for what the next decades will hold.

    When Anna founded A.T. LOCKE in 2008, she saw a need in the business community and knew she could fill it. As an accountant and financial professional, she noticed that many businesses needed experts to help with financial reporting, analysis and forecasting but needed scalability and flexibility. The customized approach allows clients to get just the help they need, for as long as they need it, and the full immersion of a staff member but without making a full-time hire.

    “It’s a privilege, and so exciting, to build something that still exists ten years later,” she said.

    Clients hire A.T. LOCKE as they would an internal employee, and partnerships often last years. “That longevity fits right into why I started this business, to offer small to midsize businesses what they need, when they need it in accounting,” Anna said. “We grow and change along with them.”

    She’s always been rock solid in accounting and financial matters, but it took time to learn to lead effectively, she said. A big aspect of that is learning to listen, both as company president and financial professional. “We’re the storytellers of a client’s business, and we need to listen and seek to understand before we offer opinions or influence something,” she said.

    She is also proud of creating a business where different perspectives are respected and honored. It’s all part of helping clients see their own businesses from different perspectives. After a decade working with family-owned businesses, government agencies, not-for-profits and others, she’s learned that she and her team can help them see their business in new ways, and learn to focus on vision and goal-fulfillment.

    As Anna looks back on 10 great years, she’s glad she made the leap to open her own firm and said it’s gratifying to know she is helping businesses and other organizations achieve their goals in the most efficient way. “We don’t invoice for work we can’t stand behind,” she said. “We’re accountable for accuracy, integrity and ethics, no matter what.”

    Photography by: Jack Robert Photography

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