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Katrina “Michele” Gregory, Founder and CEO of Lady-Like Enterprises/Butterfly Outreach (LEBO), in Greenville, SC, started her non-profit organization to teach self worth and in doing so, uplift all females. She is a motivational speaker and a children’s author, and her goal is to reach girls and women regarding personal situations before it’s too late. Her sound reasoning: there are many existing programs to assist women after something happens to them: after they are a victim of domestic violence, after they are addicted to drugs, after they have been raped, after they have been bullied, after they have attempted suicide, after a teenage pregnancy, and sadly, after DEATH. Her goal is to do everything she can to help girls and women prepare for life in such a way that they can learn from bad experiences, without actually having to suffer through bad experiences.

The topics that she is passionate about, and feels she’s received divine direction to address, include:

  1. Self-Worth and Self-Respect
  2. Lady-Like tips
  3. Relationships vs. ‘Just Because’ Situations
  4. Personal Status vs. Social Media Status
  5. Lady~Like vs. Gentleman~Like

She hopes that in being proactive and passionate about her movement, that LEBO’s message will reach the world. To define her vision, she says, “As little girls grow into teens and become adults, it is important for them to know how to walk, talk, and care for themselves. They need to know how to carry themselves in a manner that demands respect without them having to say a word, and people should see the GLOW of God all over them. People should RESPECT them and understand that if God doesn’t give up on you, you owe it to Him not to give up on yourself. He has placed us on earth for a purpose, not to fulfill someone else’s dream but to conquer our own while being polished and with poise and professionalism.”

Under the umbrella of Butterfly Outreach flutters another organization — Dragonfly Outreach — which was founded three years ago by her now-11-year old son. Dragonfly Outreach is aimed at young men and teaches about keeping God first, that school is cool, how to be a leader not a follower, how to be gentlemanly, and self love.

Dragonfly Outreach has an event coming up in September called “I AM NOT WHO THEY SAY I AM.” The event will teach young boys and men that they should look within themselves to understand who they are, and they are NOT any stereotype that has been placed upon them. (To further emphasize their unique and gentlemanly identities, they will also leave knowing how to tie a tie.)

Katrina is also an author, her book “Pretty to SEE, Hard to CATCH!” will be released in June of this year.

From the nominator

Katrina Gregory has made a positive impact on nearly 1,000 Upstate families and young people. Katrina is the CEO and founder of Butterfly Outreach, a Greenville nonprofit aimed at empowering young women and engaging them in community service. Under her leadership, Butterfly Outreach is constantly hosting programs and charity events, including:

  • A toy drive, that for the last three years has given away over 1,000 toys to 800 families
  • The ‘I Am My Own Valentine’ program, teaching self-love to teen girls
  • A 100-attendee tea party where girls aged 5-13 learn basic etiquette skills

When Katrina is not programming for her nonprofit, she is still very much engaged in the community through volunteering with the Girl Scouts, serving on the YMCA Teen Services Board of Advisors, and by serving as a motivational speaker. Katrina even helped her son create his own nonprofit as well. Dragonfly Outreach connects young men with adult mentors, and sponsors Adopt-A-Cop programs so that young people can develop a positive relationship with law enforcement.

It would be difficult to be as passionate about our community as Katrina, which is why I’m recommending her as an Upstate Black History Maker.

Please join us in congratulating this 2019 Upstate Black History Maker!

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