Property owners and service organizations are fighting over conflict in the ‘homeless triangle.’ Mediation may be the answer.

Meeting in the middle.

Greenville-born Duke’s mayo is the South’s most fiercely loved condiment

The cult of Duke’s

A Child’s Haven doing more to help kids with developmental delays.

At A Child’s Haven, young children who are delayed physically, mentally, and behaviorally learn how to handle everyday challenges.

Warehouse forum explores porn addiction, teens, and social media

“Everything is sexualized, yet we’re so timid in our society to talk about sex openly that we don’t develop the ability to have healthy conversations about sexuality.”

Speakers: Reading at a young age vital in overcoming the achievement gap

One of the keys to successful people is they like to read, and they read things beyond what they need to read to make a living.

Emrys launches 2017 journal and looks ahead to reaching young and new writers

The writers’ group Emrys will launch its 34th literary journal, featuring poetry and…

Tipper Gore praises Greenville for helping mentally ill

Gore: “People in Greenville are doing more than what a lot of communities are doing, and they should be praised for that fact.”

Scott Gould mines his SC childhood for his new book

“Strangers to Temptation” is a collection of 13 short stories about a quirky Southern town and its quirky residents in the 1970s.

Hospital systems host free skin cancer screenings

It’s time to get those moles checked.

Science supporters, Flying Spaghetti Monster rally in downtown Greenville

More than 500 science supporters gathered in Greenville on April 22 as a part of the March for Science – Earth Day rally.

Clemson-MUSC program to shorten med school, reduce tuition

The Accelerated Pathways to MUSC collaboration will start in the fall of 2017, and it will save students about one year of study.

GHS’s $80M grants program gets a start date and a name

The first of Healthy Greenville’s initial $4 million in grants will go to the organizations that have the best ideas of how to fix the county’s worst health problems.

Greenville Memorial no longer under threat of losing $495M in Medicare/Medicaid funding

DHEC officials verified that GHS has implemented a plan at Greenville Memorial Hospital to correct mistakes that led to CMS threatening to withdraw its Medicare/Medicaid contract.

Greenville Memorial unveils $2M blood, marrow unit

The Greenville Health System’s newly expanded McCrary Blood and Marrow Transplant Unit officially opened April 11 at Greenville Memorial Hospital.

Greenville Memorial unlikely to lose Medicare money following warning

Neither the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services nor the Greenville Health System expect Greenville Memorial Hospital to lose Medicare funds.