Women, know the signs of a heart attack: It may feel like the flu

You probably didn’t know this. In fact, most don’t. Heart disease is the leading killer of women and takes the life of one woman every 80 seconds. For many women, it’s not obvious they’re having a heart attack. Many times, women experience subtle symptoms, not unlike the flu: nausea, tiredness, and fatigue. While men often […]

Gather ‘round the table

Lowes Foods shares the story of their local vendors through their Community Table program. Each new or remodeled store has a custom-built over-sized dining table with long benches which serve as the “heartbeat’ of the store.

Read the 786 responses to GVLtoday’s Downtown Greenville survey

Last week GVLtoday discussed plans for the controversial development at 55 Camperdown, an office building on the bank of the Reedy River and put out a survey to hear what you thought. We have published all 500 comments and analyzed the results.

Making Greenville home

This article is in partnership with AugustaRoad.com Reality, LLC Maybe you’re sending your last kid off to college and becoming an empty nester, which gives you a whole new perspective on Greenville. Perhaps you’re being relocated here, and everything about Greenville is new to you. Or maybe you’re retiring, and you want to work as […]

All about the experience: Iron Tribe Fitness expands

Iron Tribe’s business model is focused on people, not numbers. With a membership comes access to trainers, daily classes, and health professionals. “Not everyone needs it, but if they want to use it and be here and make a change, we’re here for them,” said Jackman.

More than a grocery store: Lowes Foods brings community back to the table

“The Carolinas are home for us, so this isn’t just about opening a store. This is about continuing to expand our family and the growth of Greer and how Greer is.”

Teacher-founded credit union opens student-run branch

Ten students are spearheading the program, working along-side a teacher to run the branch. “We seek to provide students with authentic experiences in their classroom and in our community so that they are receiving more than just a high school diploma,” said GSHS Principal Jason Warren.

My day as a shooting victim: GHS and USCSOMG team up for trauma training

Much of being a doctor is so much more than understanding ailments and providing care. It’s also about the intense and intricate interpersonal relationships that have to be forged in the midst of medicine – during extreme emergencies and the juxtaposed mundane checkups.

GVLtoday hacks: How to get the most from your morning

We put together a guide to help you receive and enjoy GVLtoday. See you in the email!

Review: metal detectors in Greenville County schools not practical

The installation of metal detectors in all Greenville County schools is neither warranted nor practical and would likely cause more problems than they would solve, according to a review of the district’s security and emergency response plans. The review came after a May 13 shooting at Southside High. A 16-year-old was arrested after Greenville County […]

Bottoms Up: What is Greenville’s favorite drink?

“Wine is wine.” That’s right — a shocking 69.9 percent of event attendees didn’t mind boxed wine as long as it tasted good.

Local farms strengthen ties to Greenville restaurants

Feed & Seed, a nonprofit wholesale food buyer is connecting farmers from all 10 Upstate counties and local restaurants to promote a sustainable food system cycle.

CurioCity: Panel discusses race and violence in the Upstate

Tuesday night, seven people who otherwise wouldn’t be in the same room sat across from each other and had a vulnerable conversation during the inaugural CurioCity panel, live streamed on Facebook.