Sculptor Doug Young shares stories of past, invites viewers to reflect

“We’re called to create and I think that’s what we should be doing — either singing, acting, sculpting or something. We need to be giving something positive.” – Doug Young, sculptor
The Game's Afoot

‘The Games Afoot’ brings Sherlock to stage in whodunit mystery, comedy

“It’s like Agatha Christie, Noël Coward and The Three Stooges combined at different points in the play.” -Blake Sims, actor
Celia Hargraves

Local teen turns her love for macramé into Vintage Dreams

“I don’t use patterns. I just make it up as I go for the most part.” – Celia Hargraves, 14-year-old macrame maker

Local alternative routes to becoming teachers address shortage

Although Greenville County teacher salaries have increased, a teacher shortage continues to exist.
Edwin McCain

Edwin McCain, Maia Sharp return for songwriters concerts, workshops

Each concert is $75, and all four workshops are offered as a package for $350.

Tyler Hoff creates ‘skullscapes’ of art from discarded animal skulls

“I like using stuff that people would usually look at and think it’s garbage or avoid touching.” – Tyler Hoff, local artist
Breast cancer

Behind each pink ribbon lives unique breast cancer journeys, touched lives

Out of every eight women in the U.S., one will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

The hand-up approach to ending poverty in Greenville

Ending poverty in Greenville requires more than government programs and the work of nonprofits.

Artist Jordan Fretz doodles on cardboard, creates unique masterpieces

“I’ve actually gotten stuck in a dumpster trying to get out with pieces of cardboard,” Jordan Fretz says. “I’ll just go grab cardboard all the time.”
Jacqueline Woodson

Jacqueline Woodson discusses new book ‘Red at the Bone’ in Greenville

“I write because I have all these questions, and ‘Red at the Bone’ asks a whole lot of questions about generational wealth, about family, what it means to be a young parent.” – Jacqueline Woodson
Julius Ferguson

Brandon Fellow Julius Ferguson paints animals, tells personal experiences

Ferguson feels as if everything in this world is speaking to him, especially animals and nature, as long as he’s listening.

‘In Front of Your Eyes’ displays overlooked beauty in contemporary painting

The paintings of Hannah Cole, Jodi Hays and Celia Reisman will be featured in the main gallery space at Brandon Mill until Nov. 27.

Fictional book ‘The Shimmigrant’ speaks truth of many real-life immigrants

“The Shimmigrant” has received much praise from diverse readers. Amazon also named the book a number one new release after it released earlier this year.
National Novel Writing Month

Local writers will complete 50,000 words for National Novel Writing Month

Local author Theresa Kiser plans to get Greenville in on the novel writing frenzy which includes writing 50,000 words by the end of November.

Executive director Cherington Love Shucker leaves GCCA

According to the GCCA website, curator of programs Liz Rundorff Smith will serve as interim executive director.