The future of Social Security numbers in the cybercrime era

Are the left and right hands working together? Do they have no clue what the other is doing? Or could it be possible they don’t see the contradictory messages their oppositional actions can be sending? The hands belong to the government. Caught in the middle? Everyone with a Social Security number (SSN), or any business […]

A ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ episode shines light on large-scale health system hacks

Fans of the long-running medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy” were treated to a pretty frightening scenario recently when the hospital was taken over by hackers seeking a Hollywood-sized ransom to release access to blood banks, medical records, and control of medical devices.

Easy access to information online has blurred the lines of plagiarism

For a dozen years or so, marketers and communicators have been telling businesses that “content is king.” Create content, and readers will come, your footprint will grow, and your brand will gain recognition. That was all good advice, but the shift of readers becoming writers has also increased plagiarism.

Rescue Me

When we talk about dogs with a job, few are more important ­– or more visible – than search and rescue (SAR) dogs.

Is that dog really a service dog?

It is impossible to know and illegal to ask.

Go, Dog, Go

Agility training is an exercise in communication between owner and dog.

At Your Service

Service dogs prepare for a broad range of duties.

Man’s Best Therapist

Service Dogs for Veterans helps vets cope with PTSD.

Diagnosis Dogs

Medical alert dogs take on a growing — and critical — role.

Meet Our Experts

We thank professionals for sharing their time and experience.

An eight-minute simulation lets caregivers experience dementia

Virtual Dementia Tour simulates the challenges a dementia patient experiences in doing everyday things.

Lessons learned from the guy who walked into a bar

It’s the story of a good deed with a positive result. But it could just as easily have turned out far differently, which means there are some lessons to be learned.

How a Jewish businessman built 500 schools in S.C. and changed black lives for the better.

Remembering Rosenwald

Whaling and other phish tales

Also known as CEO fraud, whaling is a new and very successful high-stakes cyberscam that preys on a vulnerability every business has, regardless of IT acumen or budget — human nature.

Pet Projects: Michelle Higdon has found her natural niche

With a passion for animals, Michelle Higdon guides founders to the next level