atHome: Looking for a small project with big impact? Try fresh paint on your front door

There aren’t many home-improvement projects that require as little effort and deliver…

atHome / Streamline belongings to get your home organized, ready for guests

Merritt Chesson is the owner and founder of Simply Kept, a North…

Answer Key

For more than 80 years, the brick façade of Bob and Judy Bainbridge’s home held the historic structure’s true age.

Front Line Design

Intentional architecture showcases modern design in a vacation home’s kid rooms.

Challenge: Accepted

Dressed in bold color and eclectic furnishings, the home of Greenville style blogger Jenny Hall becomes an extension of her fashion sense.

Socket to Me

New innovations in battery-operated lawn equipment makes lawn care easier (and more eco-friendly) than ever.

Enjoy the Hue

With coastal accents and deep-toned blues, these subtle nods to the outdoors invite complexity and contrast to any interior space.

On Yesterday

Historic Wilkins home renovation reveals a writing from a bygone time.

Make a Space

Getting your home guest ready this summer starts with streamlining your stuff.

Continental Affair

A globally infused outdoor ceremony marks the nuptials of Greenville couple Kaitlin Hill and Hercules Swart in nearby Glenville, N.C.

Mountain Charmer

A Cliffs at Walnut Cove custom home invites big beauty into a modest mountain setting

A Rich Tapestry

Mid-century salvage stewards Shindig Furnishings uncovered a treasure trove of finds in a shuttered Laurens Road wholesaler

Drawn to History

Greenville residential designer N. Jackson Thacker has become the keeper of historic architect Willie Ward’s drawings

A Mid-Winter Affair

Nicole Jean Greer and Jonathan David Mularski, married January 16, 2016 at The Viewpoint at Buckhorn Creek, Greenville