Four inspiring nonprofits making a difference in Greenville

According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, private donations from individuals,…

The Community Foundation’s Sue Priester reflects on giving

At the end of this month my term as chair of the…

Color Me Pretty: Painted Floors Bring Color Home

by Kathleen Nalley You’ve seen the photos on Pinterest and Houzz: seaside…

Op-Ed: Moving Beyond Outrage

by Bob Inglis Recently 200 former members of Congress, Republicans and Democrats,…

Prepare to be GOBSMACKED!

In the United Kingdom, if someone says they’re gobsmacked, it means they…

Jason Hurdich’s expressive signing turned him into a star. Now he’s returning to teaching

An Unlikely Celebrity

Canine Correspondents

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Tim Scott: Building a better health-care system

Eight years ago, then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi stated that we would have to pass the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, in order to figure out what was in it. Thanks to that irresponsible logic, the American people were forced into a health-care system that is unable to keep the promises on which it was sold.

America is made great by those who remake it

Hope is engrained in the American way of life. It is that hope that led slaves to make that perilous journey in the darkness of night on an underground railroad to the light of freedom. It is that hope that led women to reach for the ballot.

Tales of Tigers and Cadillacs for Clemson and USC fans

You don’t necessarily have to bleed orange to appreciate this fascinating collection of “tales behind the tails.”

Greenville: Through A Child’s Eyes…

Through my daughter’s eyes, I’ve been able to discover all that’s new to Greenville – all that it has to offer.

PAGE TURNERS: Great YA and middle-grade reads

(and you can meet the authors!)

Good sports

Is it better for kids to stick with a single activity, or play the field?

The Big Sneeze – and other bodily functions we don’t like to talk about

Life Is So Daily with Steve Wong