Greenville Zoo welcomes new Amur leopard cubs

Spoiler alert: They are adorable.

County unveils interactive map to connect people to health care, other services

The map allows users to locate bus stops, parks, educational institutions, affordable housing, health centers, and more throughout Greenville County.

DHEC, Clemson University launch statewide Adopt-A-Stream program

Residents who join the program are expected to monitor water quality in the streams and rivers around the state and report evidence of illegal discharges.

Clemson University student scores prestigious astronaut scholarship

The six surviving members of NASA’s Mercury 7 mission founded the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation in 1984 to encourage students to pursue STEM careers.

International Space Station flies over Greenville tonight

Greenville’s stargazers may be able to catch a glimpse of the orbiting laboratory from their own backyards tonight if they look up at the right time.

Greenville Zoo awards $13K to local, global conservation efforts

The research grants will help an effort to stop illegal lion killings and more.

Mayor Knox White endorses Paris Climate Agreement

White has joined the Mayors National Climate Action Agenda, a coalition committed to carrying out the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Furman University receives $2.2M bequest for scholarships

“This bequest ensures that Furman students pursuing careers in teaching or the ministry will receive significant financial assistance.”

Clemson professor receives $3M to research cyberattack defenses

The operating system that’s under development, known as S2OS, could make data stored and transmitted in computer and network systems more secure.

Butterfly Adventure returns to Roper Mountain Science Center

The exhibit allows guests to interact with hundreds of butterflies as they flutter and soar throughout the Fred W. Symmes Tropical Rainforest.

Study urges officials to reconsider land use plans as Upstate grows

“The study is an effort to provide leaders in the Upstate with information they can use to discuss issues related to growth and development.”

Clemson University researchers work to improve lasers for military use

Engineering professors John Ballato and Lin Zhu have received $3.2 million from the Department of Defense to refine lasers for possible military use.

3 things we’ve learned from ‘Star Wars’

You’re probably not going to hold a lightsaber or pilot the Millennium Falcon anytime soon. But you can always donate your genes for a clone army.

A long time ago in a classroom not so far away …

Thomas Riddle and Wes Dodgens have inspired educators across the world to use “Star Wars” in their classrooms to make lessons fun and meaningful.

Behind the scenes, the Greenville Zoo works to save animals worldwide

The zoo has spent more than $300,000 on conservation over the last seven years.