Artisphere music
Photo by Will Crooks

Here’s a quick guide to the musical acts playing at Artisphere this Friday through Sunday. The music starts at 1 p.m. Friday and the last set is 4 p.m. Sunday. All shows will take place on the WYFF 4 Main Stage on Broad Street.

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1 p.m.:   Mia & Alisa
A Toronto acoustic duo that focuses on intimate folk songs and arresting vocal harmonies.

2:30 p.m.: Surf Cavalier
Interesting combination here of roaring, surf-rock style guitars and retro synths, with catchy, angular vocal melodies over the top. Sort of a less-quirky version of The B-52s, but a little darker.

4 p.m.: Audrey Hamilton & The Vibes
This year’s festival has no shortage of great Upstate vocalists, and Audrey Hamilton is the first of the weekend. Her soulful wail of a voice has found a perfect home in her new project, The Vibes, a flexible funk-soul-jazz combo that allows plenty of room for Hamilton’s vocals to soar.

5:30 p.m.: Ellis Dyson & The Shambles
A throwback Chapel Hill outfit that perfectly re-creates the sounds of old-school Dixieland jazz and ragtime, complete with burbling banjo and a small horn section blowing away.

7 p.m.: The New Respects
A relentlessly danceable quartet that combines rock muscle, funk grooves, and some killer ensemble vocals. It’s heavy modern soul music with some serious power.


10 a.m.: Saint Jermaine
A rustic, rootsy Charleston group combining acoustic guitars, banjo, and yearning, country-style vocal harmonies.

11:30 a.m.: Travis Smith Project
Upstate singer/songwriter Travis Smith is going to be on the radio someday, whether as a deceptively smooth pop singer, a red-hot R&B dynamo, or a country crooner. His music mixes the best of all three worlds, blending acoustic guitars, electronic beats, and just a hint of Southern twang.

1 p.m.: Mourning Dove
Another of Greenville’s most talented vocalists, Lisa Stubbs, teams with guitarist Niel Brooks for haunting, ethereal folk.

2:30 p.m.: The Apartment Club
A Spartanburg quartet that’s put out some of the most melodic, emotional indie-guitar-rock of the last couple of years, with an eerie atmospheric edge to it.

4 p.m.: Sunset East
Catchy Nashville, Tennessee, pop-rock trio with just a hint of country music grit.

5:30 p.m.: Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts
Raw, ragged roots-rock over old-school, soulful grooves.

7 p.m.: Jill Andrews
Swaggering alt-country singer who handled the theme song to the SyFy Network’s “Wynonna Earp” with savage ease. Attitude and heart to spare, and more than a little rock ‘n’ roll in that country.


11:30 a.m.: Troy House Trio
One of the Upstate’s funkiest guitarists gets down with his namesake soul-jazz ensemble.

1 p.m. Identikit
Maybe the hardest group to describe on this list. Imagine a large progressive jazz group with some classical leanings taking on film-soundtrack music; it’s dramatic, unpredictable, and always melodic.

2:30: Greenville Jazz Collective Early Jazz Band
The Jazz Collective takes on New Orleans jazz. What’s not to love?

4 p.m.: Jeff Sipe’s State Birds
Talented drummer Jeff Sipe’s jazz-fusion group plays funky grooves and complex solos but always keeps it soulful.

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