Two private music teachers created a new program to reach kids and reflect Greenville’s rich cultural diversity. Founded by Steven Brundage and Nikki Eoute, the Greenville Youth Chorale holds its first season with three choirs beginning this September.

“We think singing is a communal thing,” Brundage says. “It’s a way to be a part of something. Anybody can sing in a choir. You don’t have to have money to buy a piano or a violin.”

GYC has three choirs for ages 5 through 18. The non-auditioned First Impressions Choir (ages 5-7) provides an introduction to choral music. The Apprentice Choir (ages 8-12) and Concert Choir (ages 12-18) provide more advanced music education and are audition-only.

“We’re just going to add another little block to that mountain of Greenville arts,” he says. All rehearsals and concerts will be held at First Presbyterian Church in downtown Greenville.

Making the choral experience accessible for all kids, GYC reaches lower-income families through need-based scholarships. “We don’t want money to get in the way for anybody,” he says.

GYC is also partnering with The Frazee Center and Poe Mill Achievement Center to extend music education to unreached children in Greenville.

“We want to be an icon of the city, which is why we chose Greenville Youth Chorale as the name,” Brundage says. “A lot of the choirs that we’ve modeled ours after have become regionally and nationally known, so that’s our goal.”

Greenville Youth Chorale
Long-time friends Nikki Eoute and Steven Brundage founded Greenville’s newest youth chorale. Photo by Will Crooks.

In upcoming years, the chorale hopes to expand with international and domestic touring choirs as well as grow from 100 to 200 singers.

“We really want to emphasize great music education in the realm of choral singing,” Eoute says. “We love choral music and we want to share that with kids in the Greenville area.”

For now, a Christmas concert and spring concert are planned to feature singers of all three choirs. Brundage and Eoute wanted to keep the programming small to ensure it is done well in this first year.

With both co-founders being parents themselves, they feel that GYC offers great opportunities for their own children. 

“It’s just another way for us to connect with our own kids as well as other kids in the community,” Eoute says. “We love music and we want music to be something that’s a unifier within the community.”

Pricing and Schedule

First Impressions Choir

TUITION: $400 single payment or $448 with installment plan

WHEN: 4:15-5 p.m. Tuesday afternoons, September through April

Apprentice Choir

TUITION: $500 single payment or $548 with installment plan 

WHEN: 6-7 p.m. Tuesday afternoons, September through April

Concert Choir

TUITION: $500 single payment or $548 with installment plan

WHEN: 7:15-8:30 p.m. Tuesday afternoons, September through April

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