Fine art photographer Terri Bright’s first book delivers more than two decades of work by the Furman professor, who once worked solely as a painter. Bright now uses her camera to compose poetic images of everyday scenes, minimal frames that invite reflection. “In Sonnets, I create quiet, lyrical narratives from the everyday— inorganic forms disclose life-like characteristics, randomly placed objects seem purposeful, bent frames become graceful. These images are like small meditations, granting permission to pause, and creating space for contemplation. Forgotten items and ordinary spaces possess a kind of wilted beauty that alternately suggest playfulness, tranquility, melancholy and desire,” she says. The book includes 39 color plates and has a limited run of 500 copies. Additionally, the publisher’s website offers four book-plus-print options—all the more opportunity to take pleasure in looking.—Blair Knobel


Spatial Value // Terri Bright’s Sonnets collapses more than 20 years of the photographer’s meditative work into her first limited-edition release, while Greenville-based designer Barb Blair returns with Furniture Makes the Room, her second how-to book on furniture restoration.


Furniture Makes the Room, Chronicle Books, 2016 By Barb Blair

Break the rules. Resist what’s trending. Surround yourself with what you love. These are the mantras that designer Barb Blair inspires us to live by. In her second book Furniture Makes the Room, Blair focuses on the tetris-like mobility of shelves, the versatility of dining room tables, and the personality of unconventional design. Tranquility prevails throughout Blair’s airy spaces of 15 room makeovers with show- stopping statement pieces declaring that rules are meant to be broken. She instructs that furniture has multiple lives, and spaces are given new life with the addition of a strip of color, pattern, or even a funky knob. The book includes how-tos on everything from stripping paint to distressing furniture to more technical applications like ombré lettering. Regardless of the extent of the makeover, Blair always lines each drawer with decorative paper, noting, “The little details are so important to me.”—Bethany Mlinar

$28, available locally at Knack and Barnes and Noble, or via

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