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Saturday, July 21, 2018
Arts & Culture

Columbia’s Real Work brings melodic rock to Radio Room for EP release show

Perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that the new self-titled EP by the Columbia band Real Work sounds so polished and professional....
Arts & Culture

Glow Lyric Theatre’s ‘H.M.S. Pinafore’ pokes fun at class structure and social convention

If you're looking for an evening of laughs with an underlying current of social commentary, then check out Glow Lyric Theatre's upcoming comedic opera...
Arts & Culture

Greenville Jazz Collective Big Band’s first album set for fall release

It must have been quite a sight: A 17-piece big band, all gathered together at Sit-N-Spin recording studio in downtown Greenville, blasting out favorites...
Arts & Culture

Backstage: A Q&A with actor Craig Smith

Craig Smith discovered his love of theater the way many young people do: through his high school drama classes....
Arts & Culture

Horrible Girl & The Hot Mess’ latest single showcases new five-piece lineup

Imagine being cooped up in a small vehicle with four other people for up to 24 hours at a time....
Arts & Culture

Band Spotlight: Tom Angst

Tom Angst is a great example of how theft can sometimes work out....
Arts & Culture

That Carolina Sound pays tribute to Spartanburg’s Uncle Walt’s Band

Spartanburg has a rich history of music greats, from gritty singer/songwriter Marshall Chapman to classic Southern rockers The Marshall Tucker Band to the iconic...
Arts & Culture

Timeless classic ‘Little Women’ elicits smiles and songs at Logos Theatre

The March family continues to captivate audiences with life lessons in sacrificial love, heartache, forgiveness, and hope. ...
Arts & Culture

Starkfest Vol. 2 helps bring exposure to the region’s often-overlooked metal bands

You’ll see plenty of ultra-heavy bands from just about every subgenre of metal music at Starkfest Vol. 2....
Arts & Culture

Radio Room celebrates first year at Poinsett location with multiband show

Wes Gilliam, Geoffrey Cannada, and David Raghib, the co-owners of Greenville’s Radio Room concert venue, bar, and restaurant on Poinsett Highway in Greenville, would love...
Arts & Culture

Local artist Michelle Jardines takes top prize in MAC’s Flat Out Under Pressure contest

In the Metropolitan Arts Council’s Flat Out Under Pressure, competing artists have 24 hours to complete a piece....
Arts & Culture

Pop Evil takes a huge step forward with new album

Pop Evil has always had the heavy part down pat, but their new album is pure propulsion, layering their roaring six-strings and singer Leigh...

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