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Parents choose private schools over public for an array of reasons, but that choice comes at a cost as tuition, fees, uniforms, overnight trips, and technology all add up. These private schools in Greenville are ordered from most expensive to least and highlight the number of students, class size or teacher/student ratio, and enrollment fees. 

Private schools that have at least 120 students and offer pre-K or K through middle or high school are included. Greenville County claims the highest number of private schools in the state, 58, followed by Richland and Charleston counties; 79% of private schools in Greenville County are religiously affiliated.

Camperdown Academy

Camperdown Academy serves students who have a primary diagnosis of a language-based difference such as dyslexia and uses the Orton-Gillingham approach for teaching.

Number of students: 144
Teacher/student ratio: 1:3
Grades offered: 1-8
Tuition: $19,950 (1st-2nd), $23,950 (3rd-8th)

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Christ Church Episcopal School

CCES is an independent college preparatory school in the Episcopal tradition that helps students fulfill their spiritual, academic, social, and athletic potential. 

Number of students: 1,115
Teacher/student ratio: 1:10
Percent of teachers with advanced degrees: 70%
Grades offered: K-12 
Tuition: $15,460 (kindergarten), $17,340 (1st-4th), $19,180 (5th), $19,875 (6th), $20,865 (7th-8th), $21,130 (9th-12th)
Matriculation fee: $1,000 (K-4th), $1,500 (5th-12th)
Enrollment fee: $1,546 (K), $1,734 (1st-4th), $1,918 (5th), $1,987 (6th), $2,086 (7th-8th), $2,113 (9th-12th)

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St. Joseph’s Catholic School

St. Joseph’s Catholic School is a private, Roman Catholic, co-educational, college-preparatory day school … [that] seeks academic excellence and strives to form the minds, hearts, and souls of its students in the likeness of Christ.

Number of students: 640
Teacher/student ratio: 1:12
Percent of teachers with advanced degrees: 57%
Grades offered: 6-12
Tuition: $13,160 (6th-8th), $14,780 (9th-12th)
Enrollment fee: $300

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Southside Christian School

The mission of Southside Christian School is to serve as partners with Christian parents in providing an excellent education consistent with biblical truth.

Number of students: 1,052
Average class size: 16 students
Grades offered: K2-12
Tuition: $7,856 (K half day), $9,430 (K full day), $10,822 (1st-5th), $12,702 (6th-8th), $14,739 (9th-12th)
Enrollment fee: $600 (new families), $300 (current families)

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St. Mary’s Catholic School

The mission of Saint Mary’s Catholic School is to invite our students to follow the Lord Jesus Christ as faithful disciples and to prepare them for outstanding achievement in high school and later life.

Number of students: 265
Teacher/student ratio: 1:11
Grades offered: K3-8
Tuition: $8,750 (nonparishioner)
Enrollment fee: $400

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Five Oaks Academy

The school is centered on providing a nurturing environment based on the Montessori philosophy that encourages students to grow in their own ways.

Number of students: 219
Teacher/student ratio: 1:12
Grades offered: K2-8
Tuition: $8,300 (K), $10,750 (1st-5th), $13,250 (6th-8th)
Enrollment fee: $300

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First Presbyterian Academy 

We are a Christian community dedicated to providing a premier college preparatory education, grounded in a biblical world view, which develops character in students from varied backgrounds for a lifetime of learning and service.

Number of students: 571
Teacher/student ratio: 1:16
Grades offered: K2-12
Tuition: $8,000 (K5), $9,000 (1st-5th), $10,213 (6th-8th), $11,742 (9th-12th)
Enrollment fee: $500 first student, $250 each additional student

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Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic School

Under the patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the mission of Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic School is to support parents in their role as the primary educators of their children.

Number of students: 127
Teacher/student ratio: 1:8
Grades offered: K4-12
Tuition: $6,575 (K-5th), $7,075 (6th-8th), $7,900 (9th-12th) (nonparishioner)
Enrollment fee: $350
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Prince of Peace Catholic School

Prince of Peace Catholic School is devoted to instilling strong Catholic values, fostering a life of faith and servant leadership, providing a challenging academic environment, and inspiring each student to shine to the fullest extent of his or her God-given potential.

Number of students: 166
Teacher/student ratio: 1:18
Grades offered: K4-8
Tuition: $6,950 (nonparishioner)
Enrollment fee: $200-$450 depending on deadline

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Mitchell Road Christian Academy

The mission of Mitchell Road Christian Academy is to partner with Christian parents to equip children to become ambassadors for Christ through academic excellence and an integrated biblical worldview.

Number of students: 429
Teacher/student ratio: 1:11
Grades offered: K3-8
Tuition: $6,413 (K5), $7,953 (1st-4th), $8,426 (5th-8th)
Enrollment fee: $225-$300 depending on deadlines

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Greenville Classical Academy

The mission of Greenville Classical Academy is to provide a distinctly Christ-centered, biblical, and classical education, producing students who glorify God (Deum Glorificare) in their thoughts, words and deeds.

Number of students: 227
Class size: 8-12 students in K5 and 16-20 students in 1st-12th
Grades offered: K-12
Tuition: $5,350 (K), $8,000 (1st-5th), $8,230 (6th-8th), $5,000 (9th-12th)
Enrollment fee: $300 (K-5th), $400 (6th-8th), $200 (9th-12th)

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Bob Jones Academy

Bob Jones Academy exists to assist like-minded Christian parents in challenging students to love Jesus Christ, to embrace God’s truth, to exercise integrity, to pursue excellence, and to serve others.

Number of students: 1,079
Teacher/student ratio: 1:20 (K5), 1:22 (1st-2nd), 1:23 (3rd-4th), 1:25 (5th-6th)
Percent of teachers with advanced degrees: 60%
Grades offered: K3-12th
Tuition: $5,550 (K3-5th), $5,850 (6th-8th), $7,200 (9th-12th)
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Hampton Park Christian School

Our mission at Hampton Park Christian School is to partner with parents and churches in growing young people in Christ-likeness. 

Number of students: 420
Teacher/student ratio: 1:17
Grades offered: K4-12
Tuition: $5,800 (K-6th), $6,250 (7th-8th), $7,000 (9th-12th)
Enrollment fee: $300
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St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School

Distinctly Franciscan, proudly diverse, and centered in Jesus Christ, St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School educates and inspires students to be life-long learners and prepares them for lives of leadership and service as builders of the kingdom of God.

Number of students: 165
Teacher/student ratio: 1:11
Grades offered: K3-6
Tuition: $3,000
Enrollment fee: $125

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