Three star Michelin chef Curtis Duffy assisted winner Nayha Hussain during euphoria’s 2017 Healthy Lunchtime Throwdown. Photo by Heath Clark.

$910 might seem like a steep price for a solo diner to attend three dinners. For a typical Greenville weekend, you’d be hard-pressed to spend that much on your own food and drink and come out alive. But in this case, that price tag is a bargain.

The dollar amount represents the chance during euphoria to meet five Michelin-starred chefs from three cities across the United States and partake of the culinary achievements that earned them those combined eight coveted stars. So what would it cost to dine in all five of their restaurants, including your necessary airfare and hotel accommodations?




San Francisco ($1,375+)

Airfare: $400+
Hotel: $200+/night

Sons and Daughters *

Chef Teague Moriarty
Dinner: Nine-course tasting menu $145, plus $95 wine pairing


Chef Matthew Accarrino
Dinner: Five courses ~$135, plus $100+ wine and dessert liqueur 

Californios **

Chef Val Cantu
Dinner: 16-course tasting menu ~$200, plus ~$100 wine pairing

Chicago ($1,175+)

Airfare: $400+
Hotel: $175+/night

Ever (to open spring 2020)

Chef Curtis Duffy (*** at former restaurant Grace)
Dinner: 12- or 15-course tasting menu $300 or $500, plus ~$100 beverages

New York City ($799+)

Airfare: $200+
Hotel: $250+/night

Del Posto *

Chef Melissa Rodriguez
Dinner: Five- or eight-course tasting menu $164 or $194, plus $95 or $155 wine pairing

* indicates number of stars awarded the restaurant by the Michelin Guide

euphoria events

By the Starlight (SOLD OUT)

@ Fork & Plough
Price: $230
Teague Moriarty from Sons and Daughters in San Francisco

The Michelin Experience (SOLD OUT)

@ Husk Greenville
Price: $280 (EduHour + Takeover Dinner) • $230 (Takeover Dinner only)
Matthew Accarrino from SPQR in San Francisco


@ Avenue
Price: $400
Curtis Duffy (formerly of Grace in Chicago), Melissa Rodriguez (Del Posto, NYC), and Val Cantu (Californios, San Francisco)

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