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A total of 24,282 students of Greenville County Schools were impacted by the Pearson data breach. The UK education software company notified more than 13,000 U.S. school district and university accounts who were affected by the breach.

The breach exposed low-risk student data from Pearson’s AimsWeb accounts in the U.S.

Greenville County School students who attended kindergarten in the district from 2012-13 to 2016-17 and were born 2004-11 are those whose names and dates of births are breached.

What was NOT affected:

  • school grades
  • assessment information
  • personal addresses
  • social security numbers
  • credit card data
  • other financial information

The district is working to find contact information for those students who were affected. Early next week, the district will also mail letters to affected families.

“Greenville County Schools has both employees and systems whose sole purpose is to protect our student data,” Superintendent W. Burke Royster said in a statement. “Doing so includes carefully screening and vetting the vendors with whom we enter into data sharing agreements. Unfortunately, in the modern world large data systems are constantly under attack from cyber thieves and sometimes those thieves find a way to break in. This is one reason we no longer collect student social security numbers for school registration.”

Complimentary credit monitoring through Experian (1-866-883-3309) will be provided by Pearson, for instructions on how to receive the credit monitoring, visit the district’s website. You can learn what actions to take following a loss of data from the Federal Trade Commission at

South Carolina districts are required by law to have a formal assessment and data monitoring system. The district used AimsWeb for that purpose until the 2016-17 school year.

In South Carolina, dates of birth are protected when the dates are matched with the names. Although, student names are not considered protected information.

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