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Dinner & a Show: The Strip Club 104 and Rumours: A Fleetwood Mac Tribute

In a rut with date night? We’re here to help. Every week, we’ll pair a notable show –
music, art, dance, or theater – with the perfect pre-show dinner at a local restaurant. We’ll even tell you what to order and how long your Uber or Lyft should take between the two. Consider all of the guesswork taken care of. All you have to do is snag tickets and make that reservation.

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Op-Ed: DRB’s Wyche Pavilion decision is hindering progress

Provincialism has always been a major deterrent to progress, and there is no more flagrant example of this than recent denial of the Peace Center to renovate the Wyche Pavilion by the City of Greenville’s Design & Review Board (DRB).

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SAIL Swimming: Divisional team results and photos

SAIL teams competed in divisional meets last week. See the latest photo galleries and team results from the competitions. Next up is Championships and Classics.

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Artist Kent Ambler captures life’s simple snippets in woodcuts, paintings

Kent Ambler
Artist Kent Ambler draws inspiration from life’s simple subjects. Photo by Will Crooks.

Kent Ambler transforms life’s often unnoticed objects into loosely textured woodcuts and paintings.

He considers art his natural way of interpreting the world. His knack for aesthetic composition is also innate. “I don’t think about that, it just happens,” he says of mark-making and line quality.

Whether he’s crafting a woodcut, painting, or sculpture, Ambler’s goal is not to send a message but rather to create visually pleasing art. 

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Part Five: Twelve Last Meals in Greenville

Photo by Will Crooks

Megan Baxter’s series, “12 Last Meals in Greenville, S.C.” documents the food-lover’s farewell to our city. Check back each week for the next installment. This week’s installment focuses on Sidewall Pizza.

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Connecting Our Future alliance, Michelin focus on the Upstate’s future sustainable mobility

MichelinThe phrase “solutions for a multimodal ecosystem” is a mouthful. The theme for Michelin’s 2019 Movin’On Summit held in Montreal June 4-6, its implications for Greenville’s transportation system – from traffic-light timing to consistent public transit – are even more complicated.

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