Brother Oliver has spent the last few years in the Upstate building up an audience with melodic, expansive psychedelic folk. They can certainly bring people out to their shows, but being onstage in front of 2,100 or so people at the Peace Center last March, opening for the Steve Miller Band, was like the icing on the cake of the sibling duo’s Upstate experience.

“Greenville’s been very good to us in the last couple of years, but the Steve Miller thing was wild,” says Andrew Oliver, who sings, plays guitar, and produces Brother Oliver’s music. “We’ve been able to do a few things with the Peace Center, and I don’t know if they chose us because of that, but I do know that Steve Miller was looking for an opener, and that had a huge impact for us. It was a really big deal.”

On the actual night of the show, Oliver says their experience was surreal.

“The whole thing was a trip,” he says. “The whole time we had this feeling of the imposter syndrome, like we didn’t belong. But everyone treated us like royalty. We had our own green room, we got to eat dinner with the Steve Miller Band; they really just rolled out the red carpet for us and treated us like we deserved to be there. Steve’s team was super gracious, and Steve took time to talk to us about the music we were playing. He’s such a legend, so just for him to talk to us was something we’ll never forget.”

Brother Oliver will return to the Peace Center on July 17 for a show at Genevieve’s theater lounge, as part of a local-artist-focused summer concert series.

“For us to be included was an obvious honor because there are so many great local bands in town,” Andrew Oliver says. “We love working with the Peace Center; they’ve been incredibly gracious and top-notch individuals. And we hope they love working with us.”

For those who haven’t experienced Brother Oliver’s intricately arranged, shimmering wide-screen folk rock, this would be a good time to see them, because they’ll be bringing some new material with them to this show.

The band members — Andrew Oliver, mandolin player Stephen Oliver, bassist George Sweet, and drummer Devin Taylor — have just finished up work on their new album, called “Well, Hell.” It’s a follow-up to their 2017 self-titled album, and Andrew Oliver says the band’s sound and approach have both evolved since then.

“The first album was us figuring out the songs as we recorded them,” he says. “For this album we’d been playing the songs for two years, and we were really able to vet this album and release the songs that we know people like. That’s a big difference. We’ve been able to curate the album based on playing these songs for two years.”

But that’s not the only change.

“It’s going to be more mature, a lot more melodic, and have a lot more traditional song structures,” Andrew says. “The last one was pretty heady, but this one is going to have eight or nine songs that are very verse-chorus driven. And for this album I really wanted to hew to a different production quality that was more of a mainstream aesthetic. I wanted this album produced with very modern, very high fidelity, and very big mixes. A big sound is what we were going for, and I think we were able to pull it off.”

What: An Evening With Brother Oliver
When: 8 p.m. Wednesday, July 17
Where: Genevieve’s (Peace Center), 300 S. Main St., Greenville
Tickets: $20
Info: 864-467-3000,

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