Part Four: Twelve last meals in Greenville

Greenville 12 last meals
Photo by Will Crooks

Megan Baxter’s series, “12 Last Meals in Greenville,” documents the food lover’s farewell to our city. Check back each week for the next installment.

HUSK: Evolving, local menu

The very nature of Husk’s daily-changing menu prevents diners from having the same experience twice. Each of Husk’s restaurants (Greenville; Savannah, Georgia; Charleston; and Nashville, Tennessee) sources food from its individual region and produces dishes in keeping with that location’s cuisine.

Husk Chef Jon Buck
Chef Jon Buck. Photo by Will Crooks


Husk’s Greenville executive chef, Jon Buck, was a semifinalist for Best Chef Southeast by the James Beard Foundation.




Megan’s last Husk meal

Skillet of Appalachian Sourdough Cornbread + Husk Cured Meats & Local Cheese

The cornbread was dressed in a slather of pork-fat butter and was even better than any of us remembered. We ate around a collection of “Canadian bacon,” city ham, garlic-chili sausage, ham persillade, gouda, tomme, chevre, and blue cheese, staking them on crisp benne crackers and topping some with strawberry jam, others with seedy mustard.

Photo by Will Crooks

Vegetable plate

For my main course, I ordered all four of the vegetable sides. There was buttery roasted cauliflower, smoky broccoli, chilled heirloom bean salad with Jocassee Tomme and a muscadine vinaigrette, and a delicious salad of tempura-fried zucchini, hearth-dried tomatoes, feta, and pepper-mash mayo.

Peach cobbler

For dessert, we shared spoonfuls of a peach cobbler from a miniature cast iron skillet, scooping up crust, peach, and ice cream with each bite.

Check Husk’s website for the current menu, which changes frequently. Here are some must-haves from Husk’s handcrafted cocktail selection:

Sabio Consejo / $12
Espolon Tequila, Peleton Mezcal, Ancho Reyes, Sage Cordial, Lemon

Starting Gun / $11
Old Forester BIB. Thyme Cordial, Lemon, Black Lemon Bitters

Violet Beauregarde  / $10
Husk Blueberry Vodka, Mint Vanilla Cordial, Amaro Nonino, Bitters, Sparkling Wine

Part Three: Twelve last meals in Greenville


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