Hilmary Moreno-Berrios, 29, was served two arrest warrants by the Greenville Police Department Monday morning following a carjacking that involved a non-venomous snake, two sticks and a chase Friday night.

Moreno-Berrios crashed through barricades at the site for Saturday night’s Liberty Bridge Jump Off pole vault competition on Main Street, according to police. The estimated damage to the pole vault equipment is $17,225.

The vehicular pursuit ended when Moreno-Berrios crashed the stolen car into another car. Upon leaving the stolen car, Moreno-Berrios fled on foot to a church doorway where she attempted to gain entry.

Moreno-Berrios was issued the following five traffic citations:

      1. Hit and run
      2. Failure to stop for blue lights
      3. Resisting arrest
      4. Driving on a closed street
      5. Reckless driving.

Moreno-Berrios remains in Greenville County Detention Center on a $25,000 bond.

Where’s the snake?

The non-venomous snake was released by police into the woods after the crash.

Timeline of events Friday night

• At approximately 8:20 p.m. on Friday, July 5, GPD patrol officers were dispatched to a carjacking incident in the parking lot at Caledon Apartments located at 833 Caledon Court in Greenville.

• Officers arrived on scene at approximately 8:26 p.m. and began gathering information about the incident from the victim.

• The victim told officers at the scene that her silver, 2005 Honda CR-V had been forcibly taken by a short, Hispanic female subject.

• The victim said the suspect swatted at her with several wooden sticks before throwing a live, black snake at her in an effort to get her car keys.

• The victim also stated the suspect struck her in the head with her hand.

• At 8:29 p.m., an GPD officer assigned to a special event on S. Main Street advised GPD dispatch that a silver Honda CR-V had driven through the event barriers. These barriers were in place at the intersection of Falls Park Drive and S. Main Street due to a crew setting up for the Liberty Bridge Jump-Off, a pole vaulting exhibition scheduled for Saturday, July 6.

• The suspect then drove onto the sidewalk and back on to the roadway near the Main Street Bridge.

• As the suspect vehicle drove through the barriers at the other end of the event site, another officer assigned to the event attempted to perform a traffic stop on the suspect vehicle.

• The suspect refused to stop.

• The suspect turned right from S. Main Street on to East Broad Street.

• A brief vehicular pursuit ensued, which culminated in the suspect vehicle colliding with an occupied civilian vehicle on Spring Street at East Court Street.

• Moreno-Berrios then exited the passenger side of the stolen SUV and fled on foot toward a very short distance toward a church doorway. She attempted to gain entry to the church before being stopped by the pursuing officer.

• The suspect was extremely combative but multiple officers arrived. Only minimum force was needed to subdue the suspect and secure her into a patrol vehicle.

• The suspect was initially taken to the Greenville County Detention Center. After complaining of arm/shoulder pain, she was transported to an area medical facility for evaluation.

• GPD officers verified that the suspect from the pursuit was the same suspect from the carjacking and the vehicle the subject was driving was the stolen vehicle.

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