Greenville County Schools participates in GE Girls Camp

GE Girls
GE Power hosted its fourth annual GE Girls Camp. Photo provided.

General Electric Power hosted its fourth annual GE Girls Camp in June. The program is designed to engage girls with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) through numerous activities and day trips to Clemson facilities.

Additionally, the program is run through the help of volunteers, namely GE engineers. The camp was comprised of 41 female middle school students from Greenville County Schools. The number of participants has doubled from last year.

Furthermore, the camp is free, and students are selected through a teacher recommendation process. 

Students in the camp spend three days on Clemson University’s campus learning about animal science, earth science, and robotics, in addition to learning about electricity and gas turbines at GE the remaining two days.

GE Girls Camp aims to also develop the soft skills of their campers in order for them to be job ready and prepared to pursue collegiate trajectories. 

The girls participate in a number of activities such as touring the equine center at Clemson, extracting DNA from strawberries, and visiting a geology museum. Through these fun activities, GE hopes to foster a love for STEM careers within their campers.

“They get to hear a little bit more about our backgrounds, and why we chose the fields that we did. We designed the program very intentionally, so that they have those opportunities,” Tiffany Craig, an engineer at GE and volunteer educator in the program, said. “We want them to see that there’s opportunities outside of what their personal sphere might have been so far.”

Craig stated the importance of the partnership between Clemson University, GE, and Greenville County Schools. “We all bring important resources to the table so that we can give the girls a varied experience,” she said.

To learn more about the program, visit their website.




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