The 8 winners from Metropolitan Art Council’s Flat Out Under Pressure will have their artwork displayed on the downtown recycling bins from spring 2020-2021. See more photos from Bonfire Visuals.

Below: We talk with artist Judy Zerfoss Verhoeven and MAC Executive Director Alan Ethridge.

Q & A with artist Judy Zerfoss Verhoeven

How did your passion for art start, and when?
Using recycled papers in my work is something that springs from my need to be less wasteful. Even as a kid, my art-making included recycled paper and collage.

What was the experience like for with the Flat Out Under Pressure (FOUP) event?
I’m an artist using recycle paper, so it’s an ideal event for me!

Is this your first time involved with the event?
I’ve done FOUP several times since its beginning. I support the FOUP mission of having recycling bins on Greenville’s Main Street, while providing a public display space for the winning artists.

How long did your piece of art take?
The morning of, after I got my surface stamped, I was slow to make a decision what I wanted to do, but for this year’s FlatOut I decided to use that day’s Journal paper in the art and I got inspiration from the article about ending homelessness. I worked on and off all day, into the night and into the next morning on this piece. About 15-16 hours.

What is the meaning behind your art you submitted?
The Dennis Jeter quote was a beautifully succinct statement about how important “home” is to us all. That was my starting place. I have fun with text in my work and even included the (Greenville) Journal’s statement about recycling the paper! I’m still not sure why I decided on a fox. Animals are often the subject matter in my work.


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