Public invited to Greenville Juneteenth celebration

Festival aims to provide a basis of support for Black Economic empowerment

Nicholtown Missionary Baptist Church hosted a forum on gentrification and affordable housing on Feb. 6. Photo/Will Crooks

The 212 Community Development Corp. is inviting the public to partake in its Juneteenth Celebration Festival from 2-6 p.m. June 22 at Kimbrell’s Furniture Plaza in Greenville.

The festival aims to provide a basis of support for black economic empowerment by supporting black businesses in the community. There will be food, entertainment, and information regarding financial literacy services and health clinics in the area.

Numerous speakers will address issues the black community faces in Greenville, such as gentrification, access to economic opportunity, and problems within the educational system. Over 20 vendors representing the black community will be present.

The 212 Community Development Corp. is a nonprofit extension of Nicholtown Baptist Church, which aims to provide its members with faith support and foster community growth.


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