Rebecca Hughes
Rebecca Hughes makes a variety of home good items including pillows, table runners, hand towels, and napkins. Photo by Will Crooks.

Maker and designer Rebecca Hughes weaves together various textures and colors to create handmade pillows and other home goods.

Influenced by her childhood spent in Ukraine, Hughes developed a passion for artistic expression through interior design. 

“I grew up around a lot of artwork, national dancing, and a lot of…national outfits that were embroidered,” she says.

Studying interior design in the States, Hughes was drawn to functional art. “So

Rebecca Hughes enjoys blending textures and fabrics to create unique pieces. Photo by Olivia Long Studio.

that’s what made me more interested in it — like what can I do that would look nice and bring inspiration to the people who look at it, but also be something that you can use every day,” she says.

Now, Hughes weaves and sews her functional artwork from her Greenville home to share with others.

“I love texture. Everything that I do definitely has a lot of texture,” she says. “And, I love for things to be neutral and simple.”

Calling the home a sanctuary, Hughes says a seemingly insignificant piece of decor such as a pillow can add an extra bit of joy and unique interest to the room.

Texture has always been an artistic passion for Rebecca Hughes. Photo by Olivia Long Studio.

“The pillow is that I wanted to help other people find that in their own homes — a place that they enjoy being and feel comfortable but also find inspiration.”

Working full time at an architecture firm, Hughes understands the need for an after-work haven. “I really want for my products to help with that process,” she says. “So that when they do come home, their homes are a place that they can recharge, relax, and find inspiration in what’s around them.”

Constantly gathering ideas from textures, colors, and composition, Hughes revisits her ideas time after time until she’s ready to hit the loom. As is true with traditional art forms, Hughes’ new pieces often take a few tries before they’re perfected and ready for customers.

Designer Rebecca Hughes
 Rebecca Hughes offers customized pieces to fill homes and add interest. Photo by Olivia Long Studio.

“I feel like my best work is generally when I take time to let the process take shape and not try to force it in one go,” she says.

After the weaving part of the process, Hughes then takes different fabrics and begins sewing the pillow. She does a lot of custom work to ensure customers get the piece that fits their style and home.

“Especially for your home, it’s something that’s so personal to you as far as like everyone has different colors and themes that are running through their home,” Hughes says. “So oftentimes, like artwork or pillows or whatever won’t be a one size fits all.”

See her woven pillows and home goods at and on Instagram @thefibery. 

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