Trina Piercy pottery
Trina Piercy first fell in love with making functional ceramics in a college ceramics class. Photo by Will Crooks.

Born and raised in Australia, artist Trina Piercy adds hints of the rainforest she called home for 18 years to ceramic bowls, mugs, and jewelry.

“I try to pull a lot of inspiration from Australia, my home,” Percy says. She moved to the States to attend Bob Jones University, where she met her husband, and the two continue to reside in Greenville.

Experimenting with various art styles for a while, Piercy found her consistent style inspired by the place she still considers home. “So, I went back to my home roots,” she says. “Definitely a tropical, beachy vibe is what I go for.”

Trina Piercy makes various types of jewelry. Photo provided.

From porcelain leaf-carved necklaces to floral stud earrings, Piercy loves to color her work with hues of purple, blue, pink, and green. “Blue and white — I just love that combo,” she says.

Piercy enjoys getting her hands dirty when it comes to pottery. “I just love how hands-on and involved pottery is — you’re 100% in,” she says. “I’m a mess every day.”

Having specks of clay on her clothes and in her hair is not uncommon in Piercy’s line of work. “It’s weird, but it’s kind of peaceful just sitting there and actually creating something,” she says.

Ceramics stole Piercy’s heart from day one of her senior-year ceramics class. “I just fell in love straightaway,” she says. “I knew I wanted to do that.”

Trina Piercy enjoys creating pieces that are both aesthetic and functional. Photo provided.

In addition to finding ceramics fun and relaxing, Piercy also enjoys the functionality of her artwork. “It just has many avenues to express yourself,” she says.

Whether it be a vibrant green rainforest mug or an Eiffel Tower mug, she finds ways to make her work personal — either personal to her or personal to the buyer.

“One reason I like drawing on my mugs is you can only hang so much art in your house,” Piercy says. “But being able to actually draw on functional items like bowls, jewelry, and mugs and incorporate that into pottery, I think is really awesome.”

Trina Piercy sells her work on Etsy. Photo provided.

Also, her love for traveling, drawing, and drinking coffee all factor into Piercy’s mug designs. When she’s not throwing clay or unloading the kiln, Piercy is sketching on things or going on coffee dates with her husband.

Piercy’s work can be seen on Instagram @merakipottery and purchased online at

“It’s still a really new business, but I’m excited to see where it goes,” she says.

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