Richard Hall brings fun contemporary realism to Artisphere

Oil painter Richard Hall
Richard Hall's paintings usually include a play on words. "Choke Up" by Richard Hall.

English oil painter Richard Hall mixes fine art realism with abstract art to create stories. Often referred to as contemporary realism, Hall’s art style blends opposing elements into pleasing juxtapositions.

“My subjects are classic toys and objects,” Hall says. “I refer to myself as a ‘visual storyteller.’”

Oil painter Richard Hall
“Doing Donuts” by Richard Hall.

Whether it be toy trucks, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, sticky notes, doughnuts, or sunglasses, Hall’s subject matter elicits smiles as a result of his witty humor and plays on words.

Hall offers a reminiscent experience. “When people look at my paintings, I hope they are connected to memories and moments that are special to them,” he says.

Just as important as the paintings themselves are the paintings’ titles.

Oil painter Richard Hall
“Fell off the Turnip Truck” by Richard Hall.

Sometimes, Hall begins a work with a title in mind. Then, he travels around in search of the perfect antique props to bring his vision to life on canvas.

Other times, Hall spots an object —usually old but sometimes new — that he wants to star in his next painting.

“Every step of the process is exciting,” he says, “from the anticipation of the blank canvas to the final signing of the painting.”

Setting the scene to the narrative in his head, Hall spends many hours arranging the props and adjusting the lighting to create his balanced, realistic artwork.

Oil painter Richard Hall
“Banana Bandit” by Richard Hall.

Art has always been Hall’s creative outlet. “I started out drawing as a kid at the kitchen table and seemed to have a knack for it,” he says. “So when you’re a kid and good at something, you gravitate towards it.”

Living in Arizona since the ‘70s, Hall says Greenville’s Artisphere is the only show he does in the East. “It’s a long way to come, so that should tell you how much I like it,” he says.

You can find Hall and his realistic paintings at Artisphere on May 10-12 in Booth 8.


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