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With winter behind us, boating season is here. While many people are planning trips to the lake or beach, boat storage may be far from their minds.

“You store your boat indoors for the same reason you keep your car in a garage – to keep it protected,” said Blake Jones, General Manager of Take Cover Storage, Lake Keowee. “It keeps the boat in the best shape. You don’t have critters getting into it. You have fewer maintenance problems. You don’t have to worry about environmental issues whether it’s hail from a storm or a tree branch falling on it.”

In addition to avoiding environmental impacts year-round, using a facility like Take Cover provides an extra measure of security for a boat and other equipment, like water skis or tubes, that an owner may want to keep with his or her boat. According to Jones, Take Cover’s facility uses 42 indoor and 6 outdoor cameras to ensure that their customers’ boats are constantly monitored.

According to Jones, storing a boat closer to where it’s being used is more convenient because it takes less gas than hauling it from home. Also, the owner is avoiding additional wear-and-tear on his or her personal vehicle by not having to travel to and from home with the boat.

Take Cover offers marina amenities and concierge services through their “Virtual Marina.” On-site ethanol-free fuel, repair and transport services, as well as boat cleaning and detailing are some of the most popular offerings. “Our goal is to give our customers as much time on the water, enjoying themselves, as possible. Before you get your boat to take it to the lake, we pull it out and splash wash it. We are going to check your battery and tire pressure on your trailer to make sure you are ready to go,” said Jones. “After a full day on the lake, there’s still work to be done. We take care of all of that – cleaning out the trash, rinsing the boat, drying out lifejackets – our customers don’t have to hassle with any of those things.”

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