Artisphere sculpture installed in Village of West Greenville

Photo by Will Crooks

A new and unique sculpture commissioned by Artisphere was installed in the Village of West Greenville, Monday.

The “Spindle,” is unlike any of the three other sculptures commissioned by one of the country’s top-ranked fine arts festivals, is positioned in the Village’s plaza near the Community Journals office.

The 10-sided, 18-foot-tall, stainless steel piece, by Arizona artist Blessing Hancock, draws inspiration from the area’s textile heritage. It is the first Artisphere-commissioned sculpture outside of the festival’s downtown footprint.

Blessing Hancock. Photo by Will Crooks

Who is Blessing Hancock?

Tucson, Ariz.-based Blessing Hancock believes in light’s ability to enliven a space.

She specializes in creating large-scale, interactive, illuminated, site-specific sculptures that are “born of place” and speak of the surrounding people and culture.

Her installations can be found around the world, including in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; Alberta, Canada; Chengdu, China; and in 13 states.

She has degrees in sculpture and landscape architecture, training that gives her a unique perspective for public art.


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