Comedian Hunter Gardner offers dating advice in comedy of errors

Comedy has been a part of Hunter Gardner's life since he was a child. Photo by Leslie Ryann McKellar.

When it comes to relationships, we’re all in this together. “Hunter Gardner’s Dating Symposium Live” is here to offer an interactive comedic experience for all those who have experienced the “comedy of errors” called love. 

Gardner’s second solo show comes to Greenville’s Alchemy Comedy Theater on March 16. “Drinking With Jesus,” his first show, came to Greenville in 2016.

Gardner says he wants audience members, whether married, dating, or single, to feel better about themselves and others after watching his latest show.

“I have pretty much been a single person my entire life but for some reason love to give dating advice,” Gardner says. “So, what happens when this outside observer of love declares himself a dating expert and relays those observations? Turns out, it is pretty funny stuff.”

If you’re imagining sitting and listening to jokes all night, think again. Gardner’s show involves the audience. “I see it more as a mashup of jokes, stories, and audience interaction — you probably won’t know what to expect next,” he says.

A live script-reading, a flirting re-enactment, and reading icebreaker ideas off index cards are some of the ways Gardner plans to keep the audience engaged and entertained.

A fan of comedy since his childhood days listening to Kermit the Frog’s “It’s Not Easy Being Green,” Gardner had his first open-mic experience in his early 20s in Charleston.

Later, Gardner moved to New York after touring “Drinking With Jesus,” and there he began writing what would become his second solo show. 

“After a few months, I had all these new character pieces, audience bits, and standup jokes,” he says. “That became the material of the show, but what inspired me to dive in on another solo show is the opportunity to create a shared connection with audience members.”

Hearing feedback from audiences of his first show, Gardner learned that the show made them feel understood. “That’s what I’m chasing: to let people know that they are not alone and everything is going to be OK,” he says.

Gardner creates a live experience that can’t be replicated on a screen. “What I aim to do on stage is to mix comedy with heart, which also makes it different from what you might see in a traditional comedy club,” he says.

When: 9 p.m. March 16
Where: Alchemy Comedy at Coffee Underground, 1 E. Coffee St.
Tickets: $10


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