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As the warm weather begins to creep its way in, many of us begin to experience spring fever. The best way to recover from a rough winter? Engage in some incredible outdoor activities.

Greenville hiking trails are great for getting active and taking in the wildlife. Whether you’re in it for the fitness or you just want to enjoy nature, these hiking trails near Greenville County have just what you’re looking for.

Eagle Trail

A total of 122 acres, Cleveland Park is home to a variety of activities for you to enjoy. From sport areas to scattered workout stations, this park has something for everyone—including hiking trails to lead you from one activity to the next. Eagle Trail is one of the more popular scenic paths. This trail spans approximately half a mile into the surrounding woods and connects the tennis court area to the southern end of the park. Rather than drive to the other side of the park, enjoy a relaxing hike through the beautiful Greenville woods.

Swamp Rabbit Trail

One of the area’s biggest trails, Swamp Rabbit Trail is an important landmark for the healthy lifestyle it promotes. Since the opening of the trail in 2009, The Greenville Health System has invested one-million dollars towards developing and publicizing the path. Linking the cities of Travelers Rest and Greenville, the Swamp Rabbit Trail stretches nearly 20 miles along the Reedy River. While long, the trail does include a paved surface for bikers, skaters, walkers, and runners. Due to the length of this nature trail, we recommend going into it prepared with the proper outdoor clothing.

Fernwood Nature Trail

If you want to experience more of Cleveland Park’s beautiful scenery, give Fernwood Nature Trail a try. Just like Eagle Trail, this path runs for a half-mile through the heart of the park; however, this nature trail’s purpose is educational rather than active. With the help of numbered sites along the path, visitors can identify different species of plants and trees as they make their way through the trail. This trail is also optimal for those wanting to enjoy the local wildlife. Birdwatching is commonplace, and visitors may be able to see some of the park’s wildlife—including chipmunks, frogs, lizards, turtles, and snakes.

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