Rainy Day Activities
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A totally different world opens up to you when it’s raining, and all it takes is a little creativity and research to find a rainy day activity that’s much more exciting than another afternoon of Seinfeld reruns. Here are some of our favorites:

Personalize Your Home

When the weather is unpleasant and you’re stuck inside, it’s easy for loneliness to rear its head. And what’s a good cure for a forlorn spirit? A trip down memory lane! Scavenge through your family photos, gather up all your most treasured memories, and start making adorable photo frames. You can get as creative as you like, decorating with ribbons and decals. Before you know it, your family photos will adorn all the walls of your home! Another fun way to personalize your home items is to paint a canvas tote with images that represent you: favorite pets, authors, trips, etc.

Make it a Spa Day

Prepare yourself for a day of relaxation and self-love—minus the price tag that comes with a trip to the spa. There are so many spa techniques you can implement on your own, starting with a homemade steam treatment. With some boiling hot water in a bowl, plus some essential oils (we recommend mint or lavender), trap the steam with a towel and allow the steam to penetrate through your pores. After that facial cleanse, apply a homemade face mask. There are so many varieties, so pick whichever ingredients would benefit your skin type—if you’re looking for something to smooth, moisturize, and brighten, try this yogurt and honey face mask. Complete your spa day with a bath amidst sparkling, colored waters with your favorite bath bomb.


If you’re one of those people who could eat a whole tub of cookie dough in one sitting, this is a perfect rainy day activity for you. Baking is naturally a joyful activity, and one that ends in an aromatic kitchen and dozens of delectable sweet treats. The great thing about baking is that even your failures taste delicious, and you can turn your rainy day bake fest into a bake sale the next day!

Plan a Vacation

Force the gloom out of your mind by planning your dream vacation. Imagine a far-off destination like New Zealand or Japan, and then learn about these countries and the amazing experiences they offer travelers. If money is tight, you can plan your vacation on a budget. Focus your attention on local finds, or plan a road trip to a nearby state. Traveling on a budget has never been easier with travel apps and books that detail ways you can pinch pennies!

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