Calling all DIY lovers – it’s time to turn your focus outside. Be your kids’ hero by building them a treehouse. Or gain the personal satisfaction of relaxing on a bench built by you! Even for the do-it-yourself newbies out there, there’s a great beginner project among the 68 ideas gathered by CountryLiving. Check out some options below.


If you want to tackle building a treehouse for your kids, start by checking out the Treehouse Supplies’ plans. They offer six categories of plans – with hardware kits included – starting at just $50.


2. Pergola

Adding a pergola to your yard can be an expensive undertaking, but building one yourself may seem daunting. Turn to The Created Home for easy-to-use, customizable plans (with photos) that will keep your total cost at $200.



3. Bench

If you need extra seating, you can build it yourself using just cinder blocks, four 4-by-4s, and some concrete adhesive. Add some character by choosing color cushions. You’re sure to get lots of compliments for your creation.


4.Flower display

Bask in a sense of accomplishment with this simple but useful afternoon DIY project. If you’re wanting to add a visual element to your porch or yard and have a place for flower pots, then this is for you. All you’ll need is a pallet and some paint.

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