If you have a small yard, you may find yourself at a loss of what to do with the space. It may seem like the more you do, the less precious space you have. However, that’s not the case. Below are some ideas of how to boost your yard’s appeal and make it feel larger at the same time.

1. Pops of color

Take an easy tip from Better Homes & Gardens and use vibrant colors in the front of your garden. The bright hues of flower like marigolds, lantana, and dahlias grab the eye and make the rest of the garden seem to expand behind them. It’s a simple trick of the eye that adds dimension to your yard.


2. Divide to conquer

It may seem that leaving your small yard as one open space is the key to making it feel larger, but landscaping experts say that’s not so. Try dividing your yard into sections like a seating area, a paved path and a garden and you’ll notice your lawn has a roomier feel. Having a small yard doesn’t mean missing out on features you desire.


3. No space left behind

Instead of leaving your side yard to be the keeper of trash cans and lawn tools, make it a purposeful part of your landscape. Bob Villa suggests using the space for an herb garden or putting in a table or seating. By following this helpful tip of maximizing your side yard, you actually will increase your landscaping footprint.


4. Elevation is key

Take the idea of creating unique spaces in your yard a step further. Your yard will appear larger by using height as a landscaping tool. A raised patio for seating or an elevated space for your garden draws the eye and offers dimension. Another idea: use a vertical garden to give yourself even more planting options.



Sources: Better Homes and Gardens, www.bobvilla.com

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