Greenville artist spreads love through art

April Harrison layers paints, mixed media to create positive images. Photo by Will Crooks.

Painting for almost 30 years, visual artist April Harrison celebrates spiritual connections in her mixed media collages.

“Love — that’s what I paint,” Harrison says. “My art celebrates people of color with heartfelt messages of spirituality, love, and family.” 

Saying that compassion can be easily lost in this technology age, Harrison wants to show human connection on a spiritual level in her art. “I want to show love, embracing, and caring,” she says.

Her layered, textured artwork also evokes feelings of hope and memories of home.

A Greenville native, Harrison says she loves living here but sees a lack of diversity in the art.

“We still have a way to grow on adding more diversity to the downtown area, but I still feel that it’s a great place to call home,” she says.

For Harrison, February brings mixed emotions. “Black History Month is important as it serves to educate and remind others of the significant contributions of African-Americans in this country,” she says. “We pay homage to those who paved the way before us.”

But she also feels that the month should act as the starting point for more. “Although one month is celebrated, if the whole story were told there would be no need for a one-month story to remind others of who we are,” Harrison says. “Our story is 365 days a year and we are here.”

Sending messages of compassion and love for one another, Harrison’s artwork spreads positivity that can be felt by all.

Her work can be seen at and in Charleston’s Neema Gallery this March.


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