Students absent from Augusta Circle, Monarch elementary schools

Greg Beckner/File

More than 10 percent of students at Augusta Circle Elementary and Monarch Elementary schools were absent Monday, according to Greenville County Schools.

Beth Brotherton, spokesperson for the district, said more students have started coming back to school today, but both schools are still experiencing a large number of absences.

Schools are required to notify the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control once student absences reach 10 percent above the school’s normal absence rate.

Augusta Circle has 570 students with 67 students absent today, and Monarch Elementary has 966 students with 91 absent.

Brotherton said about a quarter of the students absent from Augusta Circle on Monday were out because of the flu, but parents aren’t required to tell the school why their students are absent.

“Usually we don’t know if they are illness-related until a student returns with a doctor’s note,” Brotherton said.

This is the sixth week of flu season, and DHEC’s most recent report for the week of Jan. 20-26 showed widespread flu activity in the state.


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