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Reginald Jones (aka Reggie Rocc) is a Rapper, Minister, Actor and Entrepreneur. He’s also the founder of Rocc Bottom Ministries and Rocc Bottom Apparel. Reggie says what inspired such a driven life was literally hitting Rock Bottom and — through God’s word — “knowing He had a greater purpose for my life.” That’s why he does so much outreach to various communities, concerts in different cities, in prison ministries, and schools.

Reggie was born and raised in Spartanburg, S.C. His mission is to reach people of every age, creed and color through the word of God, with his music and personal testimony. He believes “Life has it’s difficulties, it’s ups and downs but life is still a Gift meant to be enjoyed!”

Reggie has released 3 albums since becoming a Gospel/Inspirational MC entitled: Soliloquy, Project Love Letter and Love Letter One EP. (Love Letter One EP  was on the billboard charts for 3 weeks!) He’s also done some TV acting, and made several TV appearances, including The Bobby Jones Show, plus two stage plays with Showtime Productions.

Reggie has been awarded Stellar Nomination (music-related, of course), plus a contribution award from Cleveland Elementary School. He attended Cleveland Elementary School, Whitlock Junior High School and Spartanburg High School. He is married to Wendy Jones, and has a daughter by the name of Zy’keria Jones.

He hopes to motivate and encourage someone every day, so his motto is: “RoccBottom: Motivation Starts Here! Nowhere To Go But Up!”

Reggie was nominated by several people, citing reasons such as:

Reggie Rocc is reaching our youth with his musical lyrics and introducing them to Christ Jesus.

He is a young entrepreneur born in Spartanburg, South Carolina, with a clothing apparel company and a ministry called Rocc Bottom. The Slogan is “Motivation starts here, nowhere to go but up.” He can reach anyone by inspiring them from his own shortcomings and failures in life that led to his motivation to become better, every day.

Reggie has been an amazing role model and pillar in not only his community but various communities in different parts of the US. The younger and the older generations love what he stands for, and he has a tremendous positive influence on them. He is a gospel rapper who cares about the souls of the people he ministers to and never takes any opportunity he is given to minister lightly. Reggie uses his “Rocc Bottom” moments as opportunities to pour God’s word into the people. He gives the younger generation positive, Godly music that they are able to relate to, but also grow from. Rocc Bottom is the name of his company and clothing line. Reggie always stated that it was at his “Rocc Bottom” that God gave him a vision. He had no idea that from one simple design and phrase, he would be reaching so many people, but God knew. Rocc Bottom is all about motivating others to realize that “Rocc Bottom” doesn’t last forever, what’s important is what you do while you’re there. If you learn the necessary lessons, there is nowhere to go but up. Reggie’s presence is so needed because of the “oil” he carries, the passion and compassion he has for the people and his humility. HE IS EXEMPLIFYING THE KINGDOM OF GOD WITH EXCELLENCE!

Please join us in congratulating this 2019 Upstate Black History Maker!

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