It’s likely you’re already using some kind of smart technology in your home, so why not allow it to work for you outside, too? Save yourself time and let your yard reap the benefits with any of these four high-tech devices.

  1. Smart sprinkler controller

You may have an automated sprinkler system, but given all the rain we’ve gotten lately, wouldn’t it be nice to have a smart system that detects weather conditions in real time? And if you’re away from home or out of town, you can monitor the system from yourphone. These systems can range in price from $100-$300.



  1. Garden sensors

Get into the weeds of what your plants need with a smart garden sensor. Place the sensor in your soil and get all of the information you’ll need – light levels, nutrients, pH – to know how your garden is faring. You can program your sensor to the type of plants you have and check for reports from your phone. Pricing starts at around $50.



  1. Robotic lawn mower

The future is here. Why push your own lawn mower when you can sit back, relax, and let your robot do it for you? The highest tech robotic lawn mowers use algorithms to mow the nooks and crannies of your yard and avoid flower beds and other sensitive areas. Automated mowing does come at a cost. Units can cost up to $3,500.


  1. Smart pool monitor

Taking care of your pool doesn’t have to be a burden when you let technology do the work for you. All you have to do is drop the monitor in your pool and check your mobile app to see when chlorine, pH, and alkaline levels need adjusting. Some of the pool systems allow you to connect to service technicians through the mobile app.

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