Congratulations to Tone Hollywood, the 107.3 JAMZ Upstate Black History Maker for February 1, 2019!


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Tone Hollywood is an award-winning radio personality hosting the midday show on 107.3 JAMZ. Currently halfway through his second decade with SummitMedia Greenville, he began as a part-time promotions assistant with the goal of being an on-air personality. In short time, he earned the opportunity to be on at night with 107.3 JAMZ. His dedication, drive and pure charisma landed him a full-time position with HOT 98.1, where he served as on-air personality and music director for ten years.

Tone Hollywood

107.3 JAMZ is proud to have Tone Hollywood as the host for the 10am-3pm midday show, but Tone’s talents do not exclusively lie in the realm of music selection or talking into a microphone. Not only is he as awesome and hilarious in person as he is on the air (and has curated a most impressive collection of Jordans) but in 2018, Tone was inducted into the Clemson Athletic Hall Of Fame, in Track & Field. He remains one of Clemson Track & Field’s Top 50 athletes, ever. In addition to being a HUGE Clemson fanatic, a Cowboys fan, a Nike connoisseur, and a comic book geek, he’s also an expert on all things trending now, as well as all things ‘back in the day.’

All that serves to illustrate that Tone is smart, hardworking, fun, unique and hilarious (can confirm), but that’s not why we’ve made him an Upstate Black History Maker. We want to let everyone know what Tone does when the microphones are off. He spends a LOT of his time in the community, especially with the youth of the Upstate, in an effort to be the best role model he can be. For example…

  • He’s spent HOURS at elementary, middle and high schools, reading to kids, speaking at career days, joining in on their morning announcements, and even high-fiving them on their way into school on big test days.
  • He worked tirelessly to arrange an outing for a group of kids from a local children’s home to go see Marvel’s Black Panther movie for free.
  • He’s mentored young men (including a few in the building!) with a level of support, guidance, and care that everyone should have in their life.
  • He’s given his time to serve food to the homeless, deliver a smile and lunch to offices around the Upstate, and hand out free ice cream to neighborhood kids.
  • He’s hosted tons of drives that collected thousands of items like coats, house fans, toys, food, school supplies and more for those in need and victims of natural disasters.
  • He committed his ENTIRE NOVEMBER to doing 30 Deeds in 30 Days, which included everything from calling BINGO numbers at a retirement home, to handing out gift cards to local shoppers, to stocking shelves in a food bank.
  • AND THEN he spent his December giving even more of himself (literally, he gave blood!) during our 25 Days of Giving on 107.3 JAMZ, clearing a tree from a single mom’s yard, and handing out free turkeys to those who needed one.
  • Oh yeah and he also does a whole (more than) full-time, on-air radio job, too.

Seriously, y’all have no idea how much time and effort this guy puts into our community. Not only are we incredible lucky to have him as a member of our work family, but each of us are so fortunate just to know him and see him every day.

Tone, we are so proud of you, so grateful for you, and we are looking forward to the moves you make in the days, weeks, months, and years to come.

Please join us in congratulating Tone Hollywood on the very well-deserved honor of being our first Upstate Black History Maker in 2019.


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