There’s no need to have a drab, colorless yard this winter. There are plenty of flowers and shrubs that can endure the winter chill and even thrive in our climate. An added bonus: the vibrant blossoms and berries will fight the winter doldrums. There are options below for planters, window boxes, and shrubbery. So, bundle up and get to planting!

1 Camellias
These evergreen bushes come in many varieties and bloom in shades of pink, red, and purple. These shrubs are well-suited for winters in the south and some varieties can bloom from October through March.





2 Dogwoods
Red- and yellow-stemmed dogwood shrubs are named for their trademark colored-stems that are most vibrant in late winter. These shrubs also bear flowers in the spring and berries from summer to fall.





3 Pansies
Pansies can be planted as annuals in the winter and come in colors ranging from deep purple to rich gold. For more dimension, integrate “penciled” pansies that have black lines radiating from the center.





4 Snowdrops
These plants are as hardy as it comes. They can survive – and bloom – through snowy winters. They trademark drooping white blossoms give them their name. These plants will come back year-after-year with more blossoms over time.











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