Brighter, Whiter Smile for the Holidays?


Do you love your smile? Do you smile big or are you guarded when you smile? You should have a smile you love to share! Often if we are not comfortable with the appearance of our teeth we choose not to laugh out loud or give that big smile when something makes us happy! Whitening could be a simple easy choice to give you the smile you are proud of.

There are whitening options that fit your lifestyle. You can choose from in-office whitening, done in about an hour or at-home whitening with results often in as little as seven days. In office whitening is a simple process that can, for some, whiten teeth up to eight shades whiter. Zoom! Whitening by Philips uses safe whitening gel and a whitening lamp, giving the most intense results by accelerating the ingredients to get to work. Not only do you get a whiter smile, your whitening experience includes post-treatment gel that’s clinically proven to reduce sensitivity and help protect enamel AND custom created whitening trays for at home maintenance! The at-home whitening process is accomplished with custom created whitening trays and multiple applications of whitening gel. The process success is up to you; follow the prescribed protocol and see results possibly in as few as seven days.

Allowing your dentist or hygienist to carry out or prescribe professional products for your whitening treatment ensures you’re in safe hands: tooth whitening is safest and most effective when carried out by dental professionals, lowering the risk of sensitivity and gum irritation.

We are ready to get your smile ready for the holidays; with a short appointment the whiter smile you will love to share could be yours! Contact Meyer Dentistry soon for our Holiday Whitening Special!

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