This giving season, CHAIRish the children in your life

The South Carolina Children's Theatre broke ground on their new Augusta St. location in September. Photo provided by SCCT.

Kathryn Freedman, co-chair, CHAIRish the Children campaign

By Mandy Bullock and Kathryn Freedman

For many years, our families have been lucky enough to be involved with one of the Upstate’s treasures—South Carolina Children’s Theatre. With each class and SCCT event they attended, our children’s talents and love for this organization increased. As they grew older, they moved from sitting in the audience to performing on the stage. We have watched our children come into their own and now apply what they have learned at SCCT to their everyday lives.
The investment of our family time led to our desire to support this organization and help it succeed.

That is why, after so many years, we find ourselves still involved and still passionate about this “little theater that could.”

As friends, mothers, involved parents at SCCT, and board members at different points in the organization’s history, we have witnessed many children overcome challenges and mature through the power of theater.

Mandy Bullock, co-chair, CHAIRish the Children campaign

Every year, SCCT strives to change the lives of children in this community — from a young autistic boy who, through hard work and dedication, now regularly performs in SCCT productions, to a painfully shy teen who now comes to life when she participates in classes with other children her age.

In 2017, the theater served more than 50,000 South Carolina youth and their families through performances and classes. Outreach efforts reached more than 16,000 low-income, hospitalized, or special-needs children, giving some of them their first theater experience.

With the wonderful contributions this organization makes to the children and families of our community, it is deserving not only of our support, but also of a remarkable home from which to conduct this important work.

As we count our blessings this holiday season, we have chosen to contribute our time and resources by serving as co-chairs of CHAIRish the Children, SCCT’s public campaign to build a Theatre Arts and Education Center for Children.

Through this effort, participants can name a chair in honor of a child, family member, or friend. By doing so, patrons will help complete the building of the theater’s new home.

Twelve million dollars has already been raised toward SCCT’s $12.8 million goal. Through the CHAIRish the Children effort, we can play a small part in helping this brilliant community theater succeed. To learn more about CHAIRish the Children, visit

During this season of giving, we hope you are inspired to remember local organizations that contribute to the needs of our community. Perhaps, like us, you will list SCCT as one of those you choose to support.


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