St. Joseph’s Catholic School to update curb appeal

An old building that sits abandoned on St. Joseph's Catholic School. The school plans to demolish it over winter break. Photo by Will Crooks.

Greenville’s largest Catholic high school is doing a major update to its front entrance, which has remained largely unchanged since the school opened.

St. Joseph’s Catholic School, founded in 1993, serves middle and high school students throughout the Upstate. Shortly after it opened, the school, which originally operated out of a small house, moved to a vacant fibers plant owned by Amoco, and it remain in that site off Laurens Road today.

The school still operates in the original building, which has been updated throughout the years with add-ons and renovations.

But one building has sat untouched in front of the school since Amoco workers abandoned it. Up until the demolition process started this fall, there were still coffee mugs and items workers left behind when they vacated it.

The vacant building is set to be demolished over winter break and will make room for a new building containing a student center/cafeteria.

Much of the school’s master plan is already underway, but some of the larger projects won’t be complete until next fall.

One major update will primarily affect the school’s curb appeal. The traffic pattern in the front entrance — which faces Interstate 85 — will be redrawn to make way for a fountain featuring a statue of a Catholic figure — likely St. Joseph.

The current front entrance and traffic circle of St. Joseph’s Catholic School. Photo by Will Crooks.

Sarah Pelicano, director of communications at the school, said the updates will enhance the school’s aesthetics, but the reasons behind the renovations are more than curb appeal.

“Because this is a place that we came into and had to make our own, visually, it’s not 100 percent on point with our educational mission,” Pelicano said.

Pelicano said the art will help distinguish the school from traditional ones and highlight its mission, which combines academic goals with a Catholic/Christian perspective.

Other projects listed in the school’s master plan:

  • 2019: Lights for tennis courts.
  • 2019: Batting cage and dugouts for baseball stadium.
  • 2025: Renovate the existing administration building and cafeteria.
  • 2027: Renovate/reconfigure older high school science labs.
  • 2028: Extend practice field and move softball field.
  • 2029: Expand student parking lot and build underground detention.

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