Greenville students see overall drop in End-of-Course test scores


On average, End-of-Course test scores dropped in Greenville County Schools from 2017 to 2018, with the exception of English I scores.

The South Carolina Department of Education released the 2018 End of Course scores for the state Monday. The End-of-Course Examination Program (EOCEP) tests students’ knowledge in at the end of beginner core courses.

Greenville’s scores follow the statewide trend, with the largest drop being in Biology I scores. The 2017 average score was 77.2, while the 2018 average score was 71.

Scores for United States History and Constitution stayed relatively static, dropping from 73.3 to 73.1 in 2018. English I scores rose from 73.2 to 76.8 in 2018.

Although Greenville’s overall average scores dropped from the previous year, the district still scored higher than the statewide average in every category.

The state Department of Education also released the 2018 Ready to Work scores. Ready to Work is a new test that was given to 11th grade students for the first time last spring. It scores students based on success in Applied Mathematics, Locating Information, Reading Information, and Essential Soft Skills.

Students who pass the test earn one of four certificates based on achievement — bronze, silver, gold, or platinum.

In Greenville, 85.7 percent of students passed, earning a certificate. More than half of the students who took the test in the county earned a silver certificate, while 2.7 percent of students earned a platinum certificate.

The district also outperformed the statewide average for Ready to Work scores.


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