Search firm helping Greenville City Council find next city manager

Former Greenville City Manager John Castile will now head the Greenville County Redevelopment Authority. File photo by Greg Beckner

Texas-based executive search firm Springsted|Waters is helping Greenville City Council find the city’s next manager.

Greenville City Manager John Castile’s last day will be Aug. 31.

The current timeline calls for candidates to be screened Aug. 28 through Sept. 11 and background checks completed by Sept. 18, said Councilwoman Jil Littlejohn. She said the Council hopes to be able to make an offer to a candidate by Oct. 1.

“I know we’ll never find another John Castile because there’s only one,” she said. “But I’m confident we’ll find someone with the skill set to move Greenville forward in the next five to 10 years.”

Castile, who has served as Greenville’s city manager for eight years, announced he was leaving the city in May. He has worked for the city in some capacity for the past 23 years. He said this week he plans to take some time off to be with family and friends before pursuing “another passion.”

The city manager is Greenville’s chief executive officer who is responsible for managing the city as a whole, implementing policies approved by City Council, hiring employees, and presenting an annual budget.

Council members said Castile’s success came because he understood Greenville’s culture.

A job description on Springsted|Waters’ website said the city’s new manager will be a creative, policy-driven visionary who can anticipate issues and act strategically to meet current and future city needs. The job description said Greenville is a growing community that is experiencing some of the challenges of a much larger urban city.

“The ideal candidate is a leader who has the tenacity to work through complex, long-term, and often difficult issues and projects and the courage to make tough decisions when necessary,” the job description said. “The successful candidate must understand how to balance the expectations of an engaged citizenry in an emerging world-class destination city.”

A recruitment brochure listed the new city manager’s challenges as unprecedented growth, public transportation, aging city facilities, establishing and maintaining effective community and internal relationships, technology, Unity Park, and annexation.

Springsted|Waters is involved in city manager and city administrator searches in Asheville, N.C.; Billings, Mont.; and Grand Rapids, Mich., according to its website.



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