Report: Greenville renters are more demanding than most


Greenville renters are demanding.

Got a cat and looking for an apartment in Greenville?

You’re in luck. Two-thirds of the apartments in Greenville are cat-friendly, according to a new study by Apartment List. But Greenville renters must be dog lovers. Apartment List found only 12 percent of renters are looking for a place that will welcome their felines.

Looking for a Greenville apartment that has in-unit laundry? That’s more problematic. Forty-five percent of Greenville renters want it, but only 20 percent of properties have it.

The report called renters in Greenville more demanding than renters in other parts of the country. Renter demand here was above the national average in eight of the 10 amenities analyzed. The two others? In-unit laundry and cat-friendliness. In Greenville, 45 percent of renters wanted in-unit laundry compared with 53 percent nationally. Twelve percent of renters in Greenville and nationwide wanted cat-friendly apartments.

Apartment List’s report, based on online search patterns and data from the properties on the company’s platform, concluded that rental-amenity mix doesn’t match renter needs in most areas.

The study found the relative lack or overabundance of particular amenities is likely related to the upfront costs associated with each amenity. Providing pet-friendliness doesn’t involve any upfront cost, only marginal incremental costs associated with faster wear and tear, which are often recouped by charging “pet rent,” the report said. On the other hand, in-unit laundry takes up valuable space within a rental unit and requires significant upfront costs, Apartment List said.

What Greenville renters want versus what is available:

Apartment List studied what amenities renters in cities across the country want and compared that with what amenities are available.

Here’s how Greenville fared:

Amenity        Percent of users seeking    Percent of properties offering   Gap

Air conditioning            64                                45                                        -19

Balcony                       32                                46                                        14

Dishwasher                  49                                37                                       -12

Gym                            23                                31                                       8

Hardwood floors           28                                19                                       -9

In-unit laundry             45                                20                                      -25

Parking                        60                                39                                      -21

Pool                             30                                39                                      9

Cat-friendly                  12                                66                                     54

Dog-friendly                 33                                68                                     35

(Source: Apartment List)



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