A Crown or Even a Smile Makeover in One Appointment


CEREC is a high-tech dental device in the office that allows patients to go from diagnosis to walking out the door with their new crown in place, all in one visit. (Really, it only takes a couple of hours from start to finish for one crown!)

Using the CEREC system to create an individual crown, multiple crowns or veneers or even a bridge allows your needs to be met in a more efficient and effective manner. Dentists are able to create your restorations in office, many times in one visit!

“One visit is all it may take for you to have the smile of your dreams!”

CEREC uses CAD/CAM or “Computer Aided Design” and “Computer Aided Manufacturing” technologies to design and create your CEREC crown in just one visit. The cutting-edge digital mapping technology charts the inside of your mouth and takes a very detailed and accurate computer image of your tooth. Your new tooth is milled out of a solid ceramic block in the office and is ready to be bonded to your tooth. With a small amount of prepping your tooth is ready to receive the new crown and you are out the door in just under two hours with a completed crown in place.

With the CEREC system the Doctor can offer multiple units done in the office. Multiple units could be a cosmetic improvement to your smile or a new bridge to fill that space where you may have lost a tooth. The Doctor will assess your smile and after consulting with you to learn what you would like to improve on; he will create restorations that will have you smiling again with confidence! The CAD/CAM system can allow the Doctor to enhance and adjust shapes and contours of your teeth to correct imperfections that in some cases are not just cosmetic but also may improve functionality.

One visit is all it may take for you to have the smile of your dreams! Utilizing current technology and years of experience Dr. Meyer and the Team at Meyer Dentistry can help you achieve a smile you will share with confidence!



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